Mudbricks are considered one of the most economical, energy and environmentally efficient building materials available. Mudbricks were used (and still are) in prehistoric times, by early civilizations such as Mehrgarh and the Sumerians. It is also believed to have been used to some extent in pre-Roman Egypt times. Mudbricks come in different varieties such as Banco and Adobe. Mudbricks are unlike other bricks. Instead of being formed in a kiln, they are left in the sun to bake and harden.

mudbricks drying
Photo by Julien Harneis

Mudbricks can simply be made out of a mixture of water, clay, mud sand and a binding material such as straw or rice husks. To make a mudbrick, all that is required is to mix all of these ingredients together, preferably of equal amounts to create a thick consistency. Get a casting shell that is made out of timber, which acts as a molding device to give shape to the bricks. Pour the mixture into the casting shell. Then you remove the casting shell and allow the mudbricks to bake in the sun for about 25 - 30 days.

Mudbricks are an efficient building construction resource for homes. Adobe mudbricks are common in the construction of houses as these bricks are energy efficient. The bricks act as a good insulator, allowing heat in winter and are resistant to the extreme heat in summer. This saves energy as appliances such as air conditioners and heaters are used less frequently, if at all. Homes built with mudbricks are also economically efficient as well as environmentally efficient as it is a cheaper and cleaner method of insulation.

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